LEO-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

Whether the special lady you’re appreciating on Mother's Day is a police officer or the mother or wife of a police officer, she has a tough job. Myherowearsblue.com has compiled a list of Mother's Day gift ideas you might consider to show your appreciation. 

Gifts For Female Law Enforcement Officers

1. Female Police Officer Suit Half Flag Personalized Canvas

You’re looking for a Mother's Day gift for your female police officer that are unique and show your appreciation for her service? This wonderful personalized canvas is what you’ve been searching for! With vibrant and beautiful color, this personalized canvas features a vintage-looking flag with the signature thin blue line beside the badge number and her name. A female LEO would love this custom canvas for her office or her house.



2. Distressed Thin Blue Line Flag Personalized Shirt

You want to give her a nice gift that shows your appreciation for her difficult job, something personal, but you want her to like it as well. How about a personalized thin blue line shirt? This awesome shirt is customizable to be shown her name, badge number. 



3. Blue Live Matters - Heart - Adjustable Luxury Bangle

Jewelry is always a good way to go. It can also be personalized with her name or your message to her engraved on the back side.


Gifts For Police Moms

1. To My Mom With Police Badge Personalized Canvas

This is the first choice of many police officers to show their appreciation to their moms. It doesn't matter how old, big, strong you become, you will always be her little boy/girl.


2. My Favorite Police Officer Calls Me Mom Personalized Shirt

We believe that you have given your mom so many reasons to be proud of but the proudest moment for her is telling others that you are her son/daughter.


3. Thin Blue Line Sky To My Mom Personalized Fleece Blanket

This GORGEOUS Personalized Blanket is another perfect Mother's Day GIft idea for police mom! You can personalize it with your name at the bottom. Mom would LOVE this!

Gifts For Police Wife