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Finding a perfect gift for your beloved people can be quite a pressure, especially on a special occasion that means so much to them, from yearly occasions like Father's Day to celebrations just happen once in a lifetime like aretirement party or graduation. But don't worry, sending out aunique gift personalized just for themwith their name on it would be a perfect non-verbal message that you cherish and have given a lot of thought and effort in choosing a gift for them. With this design, every time your beloved ones wear this shirt on, the thought of how dedicated and special you are will be the first to pop up in their minds.

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This canvas is made out of 35% cotton, 65% polyester high-end satin material with non-abrasive surface ensuring that it will get to your hand in the best condition and ready to be hung. This canvas comes in 5 sizes: 12" x 8", 18" x 12", 24" x 16", 36" x 24" and 48" x 32" so you can choose one to fit your need.

Shipping info

Printed in US with love  Merchandise is produced and shipped within 2 – 7 business days (in regular seasons) or more depends on holiday seasons. Standard shipping/transit times apply (1-7 days for domestic and 4-15 days for international).

Due to the global impact of COVID-19, the processing time will be a bit delayed than usual. More details

 Canvas shipping:

- In case you order more than one canvas, they will be shipped separately each with tracking number to ensure safe delivery. Shipping cost will vary from $8.5 - $12.5 each package depending on canvas sizes.

- In case your order includes not only canvas(es) but other products, the canvas(es) will be shipped separately with the package of all other products.

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- We do not ship canvas to P.O box address. Please use your physical address.

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